Our consultants seconded into your organisation can be a quick and effective way of your desired improvement.
Working in person, on the site of your organisation.
Our secondments range from short projects to long-term programmes implementing substantial changes.

Consultants Secondment

We can work in your location, at almost any location in the world!

Summary of our Secondment / Placement Services

Atticus Energy can provide consults for secondment into your organisation in your location anywhere in the world. This is one of our differentiator which we are proud of.

Making a difference

Most organisations nowadays realise that they can have a meaningful contribution to energy projects. They are also ready to take the necessary steps in this regard. But how far can they go in this direction? What is realistic that can also deliver high returns and the ability to distinguish your business from others in this dynamic energy industry?

Our consultants understand that many Oil and Gas organisations want to contribute to the greener and more sustainable world, provided that this path is manageable and that trajectory towards is economically sound.

That is why we, together with our clients, define realistic results and develop realistic action plans, including determining start and finish line. These plans can be implemented by one of our consultants directly from your organization. We select the consultant who matches the best content of the task from a pool of expertise in areas such as field development, project management, construction and operations.

For complex issues, it is wise to ask for a secondment. Our consultants will then be part of your organisation and the core team dealing with the issue at hand on a daily basis. This allows for a high degree of interaction, allowing for continuous progress.

Secondment Insights


Secondments can have significant benefits for our clients and our employees. Secondments can help individuals develop new skills, learn new cultures and support clients manage intermittent workloads with short term peaks or scopes of work where their core skills need to be supported by external subject matter experts.

These secondments transfer expertise across the client and Atticus Energy organisation, build networks and can form part of an employee’s personal development plan.

Atticus Energy’s Secondment Policy is designed to encourage and support secondments.

In many cases, individuals will return to Atticus Energy at the end of the period with increased knowledge and experience and a greater understanding of the specialist subject; ready for sharing for our client base.

With our consultants working in your location. There are several secondment options:

  • Client-Side: Our consultants will act on your behalf and under your instruction to perform work. This arrangement is useful for addressing any owners team resourcing shortfall. 
  • Contractor-Side: There may be occasions whereby our consultants will need access to your systems and execute workscopes efficiently. For example, to perform interviews, audits, data collection etc.
  • Hybrid Arrangement: Due to our consultants expertise, they are often able to take on multiple roles whilst on your site. 

Essentials of Secondment / Placements

We support our Customers improve their operational performance by supplying our consultants to enable integration and sustainable ways of working.

Open Honest Communication

We embed our consultants into your project to fully understand what your project drivers are. This also creates the honest and open dialogue and improves communication throughout the project.

Feedback & Reviews from Client

We will only place positive, appropriate and competent consultants who we have confirmed feedback and reviews from previous clients. This gives you the added assurance and peace of mind. Once placed, we will seek regular feedback and review from you.


In our experience, to achieve the best results; We believe in fairness in every aspect of the secondment (Renumeration, service price, contract terms) and seek Win-Win scenarios.

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