HSE Leadership

HSE in Atticus Energy

Commitment to HSE

Atticus Energy promotes a strong culture of commitment to HSE management through:
  1. Its core values of honesty, integrity, and respect for people,
  2. Valuing trust and pride in Atticus Energy
  3. Openness, teamwork, and professionalism.
The leadership in Atticus Energy is responsible to promote, discuss, provide, and set proper HSE examples and behaviors.

PDO leaders demonstrate their commitment through various walk-the-talk activities.

Leaders / Leadership

A leader is a person who motivates a group of people towards achieving a common goal. In Atticus Energy, there are leaders at all levels from the Managing Director to the Supervisor. Leadership is the collective function of all leaders. HSE Culture HSE culture is the combination of HSE systems, peoples‟ behaviors, and attitudes

HSE Requirements

Leaders at all levels in Atticus Energy shall provide strong and visible leadership by setting a personal example to promote a culture in which all employees and company contractors share a commitment to HSE. The functions and responsibilities of the leadership shall include the following, within the limitations of their job responsibilities:


  • Participating in HSE activities (e.g., training, behavior observation, commendation and coaching schemes, industry and contractor workshops, forums, and conferences, and audits / assessments).
  • Putting HSE issues high on the agenda of the meetings they are chairing.
  • Participating in the review of performance against all HSE plans, goals, objectives, and/or targets.
  • Providing immediate and visible response and involvement in the case of an incident or any other disruption to normal business.
  • Seeking internal and external views on HSE, and using and managing this knowledge in a meaningful manner.
  • Recognising individual and group HSE achievements, using positive behavior reinforcement techniques, and coaching for correcting behavior as necessary.

Informed Involvement

  • Reviewing the progress both in the development and content of Atticus Energy's HSE Management System so as to ensure its ongoing suitability, adequacy, effectiveness, and continual improvement.
  • Allocating appropriate resources and expertise to meet HSE goals, objectives, and targets (e.g., finance, manpower, time, technology, skills, and/or training).
  • Undertaking relevant training and other HSE leadership competency development activities themselves.

Goals, Objectives, and Targets

  • Jointly developing and discussing with Atticus Energy employees and contractors HSE "leading" and "lagging" improvement goals, objectives, targets, and/or other indicators / KPIs.
  • Ensuring staff have a balance of HSE "leading" and "lagging" goals, objectives, and/or targets in their performance appraisals.

HSE Culture

  • "Safety in all our work" becoming a core value.
  • The belief in Atticus Energy's desire to continually improve HSE performance.
  • The motivation to improve individual, team, asset, and company level HSE performance.
  • The acceptance of individual accountability and responsibility for HSE performance.
  • Participation and involvement at all levels in the development, implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of Atticus Energy's HSE Management System.
  • Empowerment for all to intervene and stop any substandard and/or hazardous work activity without blame or redress.
  • Empowerment for all to intervene, commend, and encourage safe work behavior and activity

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