Field Services

Field Services

Eyes, Ears and Boots on the ground......

Field Services

Eyes, Ears and Boots on the ground......

Summary of our Field Services

We can assist or provide field services to support your project; especially critical in brownfield projects.

Compositional Analysis
Composition Analysis

Field Services Insights


Projects should not be run solely behind computers. Field surveys, validation and investigations are required to ensure any project basis is robust and dependable.

  • We have practical Field Services to gather accurate information, vital for any engineering design work.

Essentials of Field Services

Atticus Energy understands the importance of Front End Loading and having the right studies to support Development strategy and plans.


The diversity and requirements for delivering are vast. All our staff and associates have projects experience acrosss the project lifecycle.

Operations & Maintenance

We have found that individuals who have worked in an operating assets have good insights on many aspects of design which pays dividends over time.


Consultancy requires experiences which tap into leadership capacity, interpersonal proficiency, business acumen, organisational knowledge, analytical skills, and organising abilities.

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85 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7LT
UAE Address:
PO BOX 122592, DMCC, JLT, Dubai
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+(44) 20 3475 0321
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+(44) 20 8123 1680
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+(971) 508932546

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